Airport Services

Banking / ATMs at BUF

Banking service and ATMs at BUF Airport are accessible at the upper level, inside the security next to the Monarch Gift Shop and by the gallery. On the lower level, passengers should get to the ground transportation area to use ATMs.

SmarteCarte Stroller at BUF

BUF airport provides baggage cart service, available on the lower baggage claim area.

Internet access / Wi-Fi at BUF

Free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the Terminal (Passengers can use the following code SSD: 'BUF-WiFi' if any problem emerges ask for assistance at the Wi-Fi help desk.

Currency Exchange Service at BUF

There is 'Jet Set West' that offers Currency Exchange of Canadian and U.S. funds available inside the security checkpoint area.

Electric Car Charging Service at BUF

Passengers at Buffalo Airport can use the charge electric car for free. Three charging stations are accessible on the 1stlevel, at Section F-2, as well as in the Daily and Hourly Parking Garage.


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