TSA Security Procedure at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) takes the responsibility to ensure that no passenger is carrying any type of explosive device, weapon, or other prohibited items by the law. Be aware that if any inconsistency should arise with TSA agents or Security personnel, a Police Officer will take the appropriate steps to solve the problem. To avoid any inconvenience during the security procedure, check the prohibited items at the following website:

Required Legal Documents / Real ID

From the beginning of 2020, October 1, a Real ID-compliant, a driver's license, I.D., or permit cards will be required on to be allowed to enter the specific federal areas throughout the States. A Real ID meets government requirements for permit cards, driver's licenses, and other identification cards.

Security Checkpoints and Departure time

Passengers at the Security Checkpoints, pass through the Magnetometer as well as the luggage screening area to ensure the safety at BUF. At the Security Checkpoints, passengers should cooperate with security personnel for any questions. Note that only passengers with tickets are allowed to access the security checkpoint complex. The Curb-side check-in area is located at the Southwest Airlines area.

It is recommended to all air travelers to check any kind of information regarding departure time, seats, check-in, etc., with their airline. The passengers should arrive at BUF at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. The Buffalo International airport is available for 24 hours, every day. It is advised to consult with the airline and check when the checkpoint will be open for your travel day.


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