There are various types of transportation services provided to customers for their convenience and safe ride to get to and from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. For more information regarding transportation, passengers can reach a ground Transportation Desk, hotel information, and car rental phone kiosks, all located on the lower level, in the baggage claim area.

NFTA-METRO Bus & Rail Service for BUF

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) provides ride service on routes 24B (Genesee), 68 (George Urban Express), 47 (Youngs Road), and 204 (Airport-Downtown Express). There are three versions of route 24 bus, moving to and from Buffalo and Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Each trip costs $2.00.

Reservations for passengers with special needs are required. Route N 24L (Limited Stop) bus takes half an hour to reach the downtown. The buses serve from 7-10 a.m. to 2-10 p.m. Route N 24B (Genesee takes) needs 40 minutes to get to the center from BUF stops at any bus-stop. Route N 24X takes around 25 minutes but only runs during a short period in the morning and evening rushing hours.

Taxi Service for Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Several Taxi services are operating at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, connecting passengers from the airport to the downtown and other areas. Passengers have a variety of taxicab service companies provided at BUF. Taxi services include: Airport Taxi SVC (Phone: 716-633-8294), Buffalo Airport Taxi (Phone: 1-716-292-4425), Buffalo Niagara Taxi (Phone: (716) 605 3199), AAA Taxi Service (Phone: 716-550-0550) and Queen City Taxi (Phone: (716) 874-5050). For costs and other information, it is recommended to call and ask the driver.


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